[NKKD-064] To His Husband ‘s Boro Apartment Two Years Ago To Say That He Got Divorced Due To Gambling Mad Debts, His Seal Was Necessary For The Divorce Mediation Related Documents, So His Wife, Majime Batuichi’s Wife Who Visited On A Daily Basis, NTV Worried About Being Hurt By A Husband Who Was Fallen Down Without Being Able To Refuse Without Being Able To Refuse Iya Ahiharu Crying! 2018-01-07

[MISM-081] Come Out Look At The Real Me. A 20 Year Old Beautiful Girl Who Kept Admiring Since Childhood … It Is Neither An Idol Nor A Somewhere Princess … To Be A Men’s Meat Toilet. AV Actress Yuzu Kitagawa’s Secret Document Of Confession Takuan 2018-01-07

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